Katie Billingham in her gold medal winning performance, British Taekwondo Council Tournament 2019

Your Senior Instructor

Senior Instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt Katie Billingham began Tae Kwon-Do at the age of 12, first training in WTF Style for 3 years then moving to TAGB Tae Kwon-Do to train under Master Vince Farquharson at TAGB Kidderminster club. Years later Katie founded Bewdley TAGB, together with Vince, to begin West Midlands Taekwondo which ran successfully for 10 years in the area.  As the clubs continued to grow, Wyre Forest Taekwondo was formed offering more classes more frequently in the Wyre Forest.  The schools are still well connected and offer unlimited training across the 20+ clubs now affiliated with the West Midlands group.


  • 2019 
    • Gold Medal in the British Taekwondo Council Championship
    • 2 Gold medals and 2 bronze medals in the North Midlands Championship 
    • Published a health, fitness and well being book, 'A Chocoholic's Guide to Exercise' focusing on happiness as an important part of health.
  • 2018 
    • Hosted the Kemp Hospice Charity Championship, the first TAGB Intraclub tournament in the area, and raised over £500.
    • 2nd overall Grand Champion in the Power Event at the South East Championship.
    • Ran the Top Table at the Taekwondo World Championships, led the media team including liasing with BBC and ITV and organised national media coverage for the event.
    • Became a published health, fitness and well being author at Raring to Go magazine.
  • 2017 Qualified in the top 3 out of over 600 black belts to attain her 5th Degree.
  • 2016 Tournament successes include 3 bronze medals, and a Silver medal, losing out to GB Taekwondo’s Amy Truesdale by just one point in the patterns event
  • Achieved black belt in 2003, 2nd degree in 2005, 3rd degree in 2008, 4th degree in 2012 (Top 6 in grade)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Taekwondo Award 2013
  • Fully qualified Umpire and Referee.
  • Head of the Top Table at National Events
  • Fully qualified and REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) registered fitness instructor, Boxercise Instructor, Aerobics, & personal trainer.
  • DBS checked, First aid trained
  • Contact Katie to ask about one-to-one/ private group sessions on 07885293088.


Chris Rayment-Bishop

Chris Rayment-Bishop is our highest ranking Black Belt at 3rd Degree, a qualified Instructor and regular teacher of our Saturday sessions.  Chris is our most precise technician and is the man to ask for fine tuning technique. 

 Chris regularly medals in National and International tournaments and continues to be an outstanding student while supporting his club as an Instructor.  


Arti Shah

Arti Shah is Hagley Taekwondo's regular Assistant Instructor.  As a fully qualified physiotherapist, you are in good hands when Arti is in charge.  

Arti is a local mum who has completed her journey to black belt along with her husband and daughters who often assist her when she teaches a class.

A regular competitor since day one, Arti has now moved into the Black Belt divisions at tournaments where she regularly brings back medals.


James Gutteridge

Bill Middup-Jones

Bill Middup-Jones

James Gutteridge had a background in martial arts when he joined Taekwondo and sailed through his gradings to his black belt. His area of expertise is with practical street smart self-defence but he is also a very talented sparer.

 He has always had a flair and passion for teaching and has been a great support to the group since qualifying as an Assistant Instructor.  James is a regular official at competitions and is in training to be a tournament referee.


Bill Middup-Jones

Bill Middup-Jones

Bill Middup-Jones

Bill Middup-Jones joined Wyre Forest Taekwondo as an already qualified 2nd degree Black Belt. Having grown dissatisfied with his previous club he sought a club that would provide a good balance of all the aspects of the art, give a structure and discipline to his training, but also allow him the freedom to develop his love of application of the art into street smart self-defence. 

After trialing many schools, Bill, alongside his daughter and co-assistant instructor Robyn, decided that Wyre Forest Taekwondo was the place for them. 

The pair fitted in as if they had always been with the club and quickly assumed positions of responsibility. Robyn has now qualified with the TAGB as a second dan, and Bill is in training for his 3rd Dan in April. They are regular instructors of Tuesday classes in Bewdley.


Tom Smith

Bill Middup-Jones

Tom Smith

Tom Smith is a Second Degree Black Belt who brings a fantastic energy to the club! He has great jumping kicks and is a talented sparer. He works fantastically with adults and children alike. 

You will also meet Mrs Smith, Charlie, who was inspired to join when she first met Tom and has now earned her Black Belt alongside her Husband.

Even More Support


Little Ninjas Assistants

Rhianna Sobainski, Jessica Giles, Manuela Birchley, Laura North, Helen Giles, Danka Chorostowska.

These are our class assistants in our little ninjas sessions.  We have lots of helpers here to make sure your little ones get plenty of help and support as they start their Taekwondo journey.

All of the assistants are young teens from within the club or parents themselves, with children training in the group.  We welcome more helpers in this group, especially from older children as they can be a great inspiration to the little ones while helping to boost their own confidence and skills too!


Paul Chesterton

Paul Chesterton is a 4th Degree Black Belt, and the Instructor of TAGB Wombourne.  He trains regularly with our club and is a born Instructor.  He loves to help others and regularly supports TAGB Wyre Forest students in class.  You are welcome to train with Paul on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Please ask for more information


Terry Davis

Terry Davis is a 4th Degree Black Belt, and the Instructor of TAGB Bromsgrove & Redditch.  He often trains in our Hagley club and is an expert in self defence.  Mr Davis regularly supports TAGB Wyre Forest students in class.  You are welcome to train with him on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please ask for more information


Instructors In Training

We currently have 4 regular Assistant Instructors, and more set to qualify with in the year.  A further 10 are currently on our Instructors training program and often help out with small groups or individuals who need a little extra help.  

Taekwondo is a challenging sport, but we are a close team and there is always someone in class to give you a bit of extra help and support when you need it!

Taekwondo Martial arts Wyre Forest Taekwondo

Instructor Training Program

We are team players here at Wyre Forest Taekwondo.  We believe not only in being our best but in helping others to be their best too!  2018 saw the launch of our Instructors training program which allows people to start to develop these skills for them and for others.  This program is open to ALL and provides an avenue for personal development for those who are not driven by tournaments.  

Please ask for more information!